Lunikk - Speechless (Official Video)

Lunikk - Speechless (Official Video)

'Speechless' taken from the upcoming album 'Unreal City' Stream 'Speechless': https://satellite13.lnk.to/Speechless ►Subscribe to Lunikk on YouTube: https://bit.ly/3aJFkav ►Follow Lunikk: https://www.instagram.com/strangelunikk https://www.facebook.com/strangelunikk https://spoti.fi/3seCoMB https://soundcloud.com/strangelunikk https://twitter.com/strangelunikk ►Credits: Directed and shot by: YoVo (@yo.vo) & Zlatimir Arakliev (@zlatimirarakliev) Make Up: Mina Markova (@mina_mar) Special thanks to: Magdalena Linkova, Teodor Ivanov, Lyuben Iliev, Isabella Blanchard, Nikolay Bratoev, Zarina Glaveva, Sofia Yorgova, Monika Markova, Viktoria Koptzeva, Rumyana Pasheva, Nona Bankova, Alexander Kotlenko, Dimitar Tonev, Tsvetomira Todorova, Momchil Popov ________________________ Lyrics: I existed in the middle of a life crisis And my weary eyes felt like big giants on my face I could've cried just in case someone notices I sometimes wanna be treated like a vase It's the loneliness in my head I tried to reach Tried to give her a speech and befriend her So I can blend and go down to the beach Where… there is nothing but sand Nothing to preach Yeah, I'm speechless Yeah, I'm speechless There, in the water, I must stay Obey the rules someone faceless has written in an ashtray A battle to fit in a world I don't like just to be used but less empty I should die now Oooh I should die now Oooh I should die now I'm balancing between my two selves One of them is hell The other says 'Bitch, we're doing well' Let's trust them cause shit I can trust no one else Finally, drops of red on a sleeve Watching me I'm staring back in disbelief It's such a trick Living as we were told Still, I cannot speak #Lunikk #Speechless #Луникк

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